I am an instructor at Macalester College, in the religious studies department. My classes tend to come in four basic flavors:

  1. Buddhism (a ‘traditional’ focus)
  2. Cambodian and Southeast Asia (a ‘regional’ focus)
  3. Explorations of concepts in Religious Studies and Anthropology (a ‘disciplinary’ focus)
  4. Introductory classes (‘Asian Religions)

Currently Teaching

In Spring 2011, I teach two courses.

  1. RELI294-04 Marx: Religion as Ideology.
  2. RELI359-01 Religion and Revolution: Case Studies

Expected Offerings for Fall 2011

  1. RELI 111-01 • Morals, Mind, and Meditation: An Introduction to Theravada Buddhism
  2. RELI [First-Year Seminar] • Morals, Mind, and Meditation: An Introduction to Theravada Buddhism
  3. RELI 311-01 • Ritual

Expected Offerings for Spring 2012

  1. RELI 294-01/ANTH 294-01 • Defense Against the Dark Arts, co-taught with Prof. Ron Barrett
  2. RELI • Asian Religions in America, part of the Religious Studies course complex “Religions in America

Expected Course Offerings Fall 2012

  1. RELI/ENV • Ritual and Ecology in Southeast Asia
  2. RELI 124-01 • Asian Religions
  3. RELI 111-01 • Morals, Mind, and Meditation: an Introduction to Theravada Buddhism

Expected Course January, 2013
Along with Professor Raymond S. Robertson, I hope and intend to lead a group of Macalester students for a three-week class in Cambodia on Cambodian History, Culture, Religion, and Economic Development.

Expected Course Offerings Spring 2013
I expect to be on sabbatical during this semester


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