The Royal Cremation of (Thai) Princess Galyani

Princess Galyani of Thailand (the elder sister of the current King, Bhumibol), died almost a year ago, in early January. I intend only consideration for her relatives and well-wishers in this post, which focuses not on her life and demise, but on the funeral ceremonies which follow:

Funeral ceremonies for members of the royal family, in Thailand as in Cambodia, tend to be chock-a-block full of almost every funeral highlight possible, and as such, are wonderful opportunities, for funeral junkies such as myself, to see a well-coordinated, no-expense-spared funeral, the kind which just doesn’t happen often anywhere, let alone in Cambodia. Oh, this is just too wonderful. (via TLC Studies Group List)

The entire page is lengthy, and I urge everyone to go check it out. But here are some beautiful photos from the page:

Urn for Princess Galyanis Remains

Urn for Princess Galyani's Remains

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Fantastic New Photo Collection from Cambodia Online

The irrepressible, enormous, and much-missed May Ebihara, the only American anthropologist to perform village fieldwork in Cambodia prior to the Khmer Rouge, passed away a few years back, and is much missed. Her work, including her wonderful dissertation entitled merely “Svay: A Khmer Village in Cambodia,” continues to be a source of new knowledge and relevance.

Now, thanks to the work of Judy Ledgerwood and the Southeast Asian Studies Center at Northern Illinois University, her field photos from her work during the late 1950s are available online.

Many of the photos could be taken from the last few years. Others are quite different. Here’s a nice one of the beginning of the cremation phase of a funeral (probably a relatively high-status one).

Check out more here.