"Oh Snap!" Somebody Got Told, Vol. 1

This lovely flowchart may be of use to those who find it difficult to know the appropriate moments at which to say, ‘Snap!’, or its variant, “Oh, Snap!”

Sure, we all know that it’s something you say when a person nearby was just humiliated, proven desperately wrong, or smacked in the face. But is that enough?

I didn’t think so, so I’ve culled a few examples from recent news stories. You decide: “Snap!”, or “No Snap!”?

  1. Heard of Argus? Neither (so he claims) has Marc Bousquet, whose excellent How The University Works should be required reading for all new and aspirant faculty. He was just invited to be an informer on his colleagues and fellow workers, ratting them out for their politics and teaching. He wasn’t amused, but his post is deeply amusing. One short snippet:”Every time I catch someone who thinks we should all have health care, I get a prize, working all the way up to a flying broomstick!”

    Snap or No Snap?

  2. The National Human Rights Commission of Thailand has announced that the Cambodian ‘theft’ of Preah Vihear should be considered a serious violation of human rights. Andrew Walker has the smack-down:”The National Human Rights Commission of Thailand has taken leave of it senses….There are many important human rights issues to be addressed in Thailand. This is not one of them.”

    Snap or No Snap?

  3. Sam Rainsy objects that he lost the election in Cambodia. He was the only person surprised about this. I’m sure that there was intimidation and vote-buying (it was an election, after all), but to complain that the entire election was stolen? DetailsAreSketchy reports on the European Union’s smackdown. See also KJE’s post, “He Just Doesn’t Get It.” You want to see real electoral corruption? Just wait a few months and pay attention to the USA. Or watch this documentary.

    Snap or No Snap?

  4. After thousands in Milwaukee rioted over food vouchers, Raj Patel calls down the smackdown on those who were surprised about it, titling his post “Spank me and call me Cassandra!“:”Were we perhaps expecting the event to come to us pre-labelled?”

    Snap or No Snap?

  5. George Orwell’s diaries are going to be serialized on wordpress, thanks to the Orwell Trust, Political Quarterly, and the Media Standards Trust.No smackdown there – yet. Keep reading those diaries, though, and you’re certain to read a few.