Stanley Diamond on civilization and ‘the primitive’

Diamond quotes Lévi-Strauss on the effects of civilization:

Civilization manufactures monoculture like sugar-beet.

And quotes the great Lewis Henry Morgan:

Since the advent of civilization, the outgrowth of property has been so immense, its forms so diversified, its uses so expanding, and its management so intelligent in the interests of its owners, that is has become, on the part of the people an unmanageable power. The human mind stands bewildered in the presence of its own creation. The time will come, nevertheless, when human intelligence will rise to the mastery over property, and define the relations of the state to the property it protects, as well as the obligations and the limits of the rights of its owners.

Stanley Diamond. 1964. “A revolutionary discipline.” Current Anthropology 5.5, pp. 432-437