Academic Workers! Don’t Mourn, Organize!

AAUP (American Association of University Professors, the largest professorial union in the USA) has a new issue of their magazine, Academe, out.  It is focused on Graduate Students and Graduate Student Labor.

Cary Nelson (president of the AAUP) has an excellent essay in there titled, “Don’t Mourn, Organize.”  More wobbly-inspired work within this magazine includes Joe Grim Feinberg’s essay on reviving old labor songs to create a new public sphere (Joe’s in the Graduate Students United at the University of Chicago, a union I had to withdraw from, with some unhappiness, once I was no longer a graduate student).

Nelson writes:

“The only thing the PhD now reliably confers is the potential for lifetime poverty and underemployment.”

I’m one of the very lucky ones.  I have  job right now.