Sackler Gallery “Gods of Angkor” Lectures on Youtube!

The first of nine (9!) lectures relating to the stellar-looking, envy-inspiring, and (since I’ve compelled nearby friends to go take a very close look on my behalf), apparently gorgeous exhibit, Gods of Angkor: Bronzes from the National Museum of Cambodia. This exhibit ends in January 2011, so go there now!

If you can’t, thank the gods of Angkor for the internet (I imagine they would have named the internet after the “Net of Indra,” giving rise to the near-alternative universe name, The Indranet, but I digress…): you get to see the lectures on youtube, as they emerge.


The first lecture, which begins after a lovely introduction by Louise Cort, the Director of Ceramics at the Freer and Sackler Galleries, and somewhat more to the point, the Co-curator of this exhibit, at the 5’55 mark, is by John Guy, Curator of South and Southeast Asian Art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and titled “Golden Towers: Reconstructing the Lost Ornamentation of Angkor, Freer and Sackler.” And thanks to the Indranet, it is embedded below:

Director Cort has made the immediately forthcoming lecture series titles available; I sure hope as many people see these in person as possible! The full announcement is reprinted after the jump… Continue reading