More on Tim Sakhorn and Vietnamese Connections in the Cambodian Sangha

Well, this is weird. I think it has been widely understood at this point that the recent forcible defrocking, abduction, international kidnapping (do they call it an extraordinary rendition too?) of Khmer Krom Abbot Tim Sakhorn was demanded by the Vietnamese government in response to perceived or real activities at his temple in Takeo. These […]

Cambodia: more on primitive accumulation, and new criticisms of the Khmer Rouge Tribunal

After my recent post on primitive accumulation in Cambodia, now these stories from the Phnom Penh Post: Shooter Now Unknown. It’s unclear what to make of this. It was pretty obvious from initial reports that Bavet town governor Chhouk Bandith was himself the man who shot into a crowd of workers striking outside a shoe […]

Khmer Krom Monk Defrocked

Accusing him of trying to provoke hostilities and undermining relations between the states of Cambodia and Vietnam, Cambodian patriarch Tep Vong has defrocked a Khmer Krom monk living in Takeo province. Tim Sakhorn, the monk in question, was forcibly defrocked on Saturday. Defrockings of this sort normally are taken not only to expel a member […]