Sounding Cambodia on November 28, 2011

I absolutely adore this short, poetic little post from Kounila Keo’s awesome “Blue Lady Blog,” about night noodle soup.  When I first moved to Cambodia, we would hear this hollow-sounding wooden block come up and down our street about 11:30 every night. Didn’t take long to find out what it was, but it remains one of my first truly sensual memories of Cambodia.  Awesome.

I’m less pleased about these next two stories. In this one, reporter Faine Greenwood tackles the stupidity of the Daily Mail’s presentation of Angelina Jolie’s trip to Cambodia, in which they call it a “Danger Trip.” sheesh.  Greenwood demolishes them pretty well, though they will undoubtedly not learn.

LTO Cambodia, a white American male married to an Asian woman, with two kids, experienced one of the fallouts of (a) the horrors and wide spread of human trafficking, and (b) the media pornification of this issue, which empowers stupid people with ‘good morals but no sense’ to attack anybody they see who doesn’t meet a standard stereotype of ‘normality.’  In other words, he got called a pedophile for walking around with his own kids.  I think he did pretty well.


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