Sounding Cambodia on August 2, 2011

  • 8-year-old dies after explosion at cremation in Cambodia
  • Alison In Cambodia blogs summer fieldwork
  • Baphuon Reconstruction Completed!
  • Pansukula for Chea Vichea in France
  • Professor Sorpong Peou discovers his father is alive, ater 35 years.
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It’s a tragedy from Eastern Kompong Cham province, where an eight-year-old girl died after an explosion in the crematorium where relatives were cremating her grandmother’s body. The wood was apparently wet, and I imagine there was a significant amount of intensifying discussion over whether this was acceptable, appropriate, etc.  Eventually, relatives poured two cans of gasoline on the fire, and closed the doors.  When the explosion happened, I imagine it sent projectiles in many directions. Additionally, 12 attendees were also injured.
More happily, Alison In Cambodia, the excellent archaeology blog focusing on Cambodia, is active again, while Alison blogs her summer fieldwork.  You’re in for a treat.
In more archaeological news, the Baphuon’s reconstruction has been completed!  Whoo-hoooooo!
Another Pansukula for Chea Vichea.  These have started to take on an increased SRP character internationally, as Vichea is increasingly adopted as a martyr not only of the union he founded, led, and for which he was murdered, but of the Sam Rainsy Party.
The astonishing news of Professor Sorpong Peou’s rediscovery of his father, alive, after 35 years, in which he assumed his father was dead.  One of the least appreciated results of the Khmer Rouge period is the uncertainty it induced, over so many years, about such basic things as whether a relative was alive or dead, and how that widespread uncertainty was addressed through the years.

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