Sounding on “The Social Disciplines”

Yeah, so….everyone has a ‘junk drawer,’ right? That place where you stick all those things you are, inexplicably, interested and fascinated by, but unable to describe succinctly?  The ‘social disciplines’ is my attempt to name that junk drawer for the purposes of this blog: stuff I’m interested in that is otherwise nebulously categorical.

  • 18 levels of Chinese Hell
  • Fire to the Commons! An essay you should read – ‘further theory’
  • Why bureaucracy matters when you are trying to “DIY” your own funeral
  • Downsizing Chinese Graves
  • Racialization or Denominalization of Worship Styles
  • Understanding Society – a Blog You Should Be Reading.

18 Levels of Chinese Hell

The Eighteen Levels of Chinese Hell
 (liars and gossips, pictured). (h/t neatorama)

Miracles for Sale – A Houdini-esque expose of Faith-Healers

Derren Brown, “Miracles for Sale,” (BBC). Expose of Faith-healing by a professional mentalist

Fire To the Commons (explorations in lyric theory)

Fire To The Commons“! from Socialism or Barbarism.

Why you can’t be self-reliant, even in death

The trials and travails of the punk rock, DIY, ethos, when it comes to the rituals of death h/t bb.

Land-value pressure comes to Chinese Ancestor Memorials

China starts moving away from big tombs, in response to the increasing value of land h/t death reference desk

‘Black’ Churches, or Charismatic Ones?

Racialization, Culture, and Religious Worship. An excellent beginning discussion about the difference between racial distinctions and religious distinctions (which, to be clear, the funny comedian above seems to miss, as he racializes differences which are more properly religious). h/t sociological images.

We love us some demon-fighters!

I previously mentioned the Catholic Church’s renewed love affair with demon-fighters. Here’s another story in that theme, this time from the Philippines:

“There is a great dramatic increase of possessions right now,” said the 44-year-old priest. “More and more the demons are gaining a foothold into this society.”

Also, the Vatican is increasingly facing scrutiny of its banking practices. People  & Power video program from Al Jazeera English.

You Should Be Reading “Understanding Society.”

And one of my new favorite blogs, “Understanding Society,” (quick, go subscribe via RSS now), has two posts which I think should be required reading.  First, is their excellent post on Why Peasant Activism, which discusses why peasant activism is interesting (and yes, it’s fascinating!). Not enough awesomeness for you? Try their post on why David Hume is an awesome Historian. Still not enough? You obviously haven’t yet read their post on the notion of ‘structures’ in society.


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