Let’s Kill All Those We Don’t Like

It seems as if Amy Bishop’s impulse to destroy those who cause her problems is not solely the preserve of clinical psychopaths (if indeed she merits that diagnosis); it is commonly shared by governments. That doesn’t actually surprise me.

But it does make me furious. Addicts of all sorts have only one thing – with near universality – in common: extensive and severe histories of early-childhood abuse. These are society’s victims, and need help.  But instead, the Cambodian government, ever attentive to its captive citizen’s needs, has pursued a policy of concentration camps, intentional starvation, and denial of needed medical services. Specifically, they are denying NGOs providing clean needle exchanges licenses. IV drug addicts need clean needles in order to avoid the even more horrible consequences of injection using infected, unclean works.

Needle Exchange Kit

Details are Sketchy has the best post on this thus far, including links to the Phnom Penh Post article and the NYT (Seth Mydans) article.  Go, read.


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