Anthropology At War Update.

Important new events within the criminally insane Human Terrain System, a military program enlisting anthropologists to serve as the front lines of colonial oppression.

I’m going to link to Maximilian Forte’s Zero Anthropology Blog here, instead of the original articles at Counterpunch and elsewhere, because Max has the best online coverage of the HTS available, and should be your first-stop shop for attempting to understand the issues.

David Price: Human Terrain Systems Dissenter Resigns, Tells Inside Story of Training’s Heart of Darkness.

Also: the disgraced Montgomery McFate (like lots of folks with anti-social personality disorder, she doesn’t seem to realize or care that she’s been disgraced) is apparently back blogging at her ridiculously named military porno site, “I luv a man in a uniform.” This person is driving the policy? Seriously?


2 thoughts on “Anthropology At War Update.

  1. Erik! Great to see you online again. Many thanks for the kind words and for helping to bring attention to these issues, and these latest developments, much appreciated.

    Now that I know you are back, I will be checking in frequently. Welcome back!

    • Thanks, Max! Had to find a way to put some of those fiblets of work and thought out there, so they’d stop clogging up my brain. ‘ve been happy to watch your blog evolve and move forward!

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