Sounding on local repression of dissent (Minnesota)

Way back in the ‘naughties, the Republicans came to town, breathing smoke and fire, and huffing and puffing about how they were going to privatize everything, crush the unions, stop paying for granny’s medicare, and make literally killer profits.  A few local folks decided they were going to organize a protest.  They called themselves the Welcoming Committee.  They made a cute video.

The video caught the attention of some jumped up thug with a biggish backyard named Fletcher, who pre-emptively arrested a bunch of folks from the Welcoming Committee (that is, arrested them before anyone claimed they had done anything illegal, or were even planning anything illegal); these eight folks, now called the RNC-8, are facing all sorts of bizarre charges with names like “considering thinking about fantasizing about a world after capitalism disappears,” and “planning to hurt Sarah Palin’s feelings by putting her lipstick on a pig.” Seriously, the charges don’t make much sense, though I’m paying for Susan Gaertner to try these folks via my taxes.  Thanks, Susie!

But they’re apparently keeping their spirits up.  Check out this hysterical update video, released recently, which sends up the previous video and ends with a cameo from the Police!

And stop in here to learn more and help out.


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