Jhanic States and the Ganzfield Effect?

Was reading some great science fiction the other day, and came across mention of the Ganzfield Effect, which is described by wikipedia as:

The Ganzfeld effect (from German for “complete field”) is a phenomenon of visual perception caused by staring at an undifferentiated and uniform field of color. The effect is described as the loss of vision as the brain cuts off the unchanging signal from the eyes. The result is “seeing black”[1] – apparent blindness.

In the 1930s, research by psychologist Wolfgang Metzger established that when subjects gazed into a featureless field of vision they consistently hallucinated and their electroencephalograms changed.

Compare this to the descriptions of the  4 arupajhana, (the 4 highest level of meditation):

  1. Dimension of infinite space.
  2. Dimension of infinite consciousness.
  3. Dimension of nothingness.
  4. Dimension of neither perception nor non-perception.

Just wondering, I guess. Any recommendations for reading? Painter Rothko is one of the most famous artists associated with the production of Ganzfield effects, and strangely, there’s an entire blog dedicated to pictures capable of producing Ganzfield effects.


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