Evangelical Christians in Cambodia have opinions about funerals! (Surprise!)

Man o man. I am sooooo tired of the hubris. As an atheist, perhaps I won’t be suspected of having a dog in this fight when I say, for the most part, the Catholics and the Lutherans do pretty well. (I’m sure there are others, exclusion from my little blog is not the same as condemnation). But the sheer racism, superiority, and…again…hubris, is nothing short of flabbergasting.

And they have opinions about funerals. Like this one, from a blog titled, “Spiritual Warfare.”

One of our most stark memories of that trip was of the spiritual oppression we felt.  It was particularly sad to see Buddhist and Hindu funeral processions.  These were pretty elaborate affairs, full of ceremony and seemingly oriented toward dead ancestors.  The lack of hope was palpable and our close realization of the thousands and millions living and perishing apart from Christ left us greatly saddened.  The ubiquity of idols added to the physical and spiritual oppression.

Read the entire funfilled posting here.

At least they understood that lots of the funerals are very concerned with dead ancestors (of course, calling them ‘dead’ is not really correct, at least not in the sense they mean it. But maybe only their dead beings get to remain active).


2 thoughts on “Evangelical Christians in Cambodia have opinions about funerals! (Surprise!)

  1. Brian Johnson says:

    Heh – this reminds me of my archaeology field school experience in Israel. Almost all of the students besides those from my own school were not pursuing studies in anything related to archaeology, but were, rather, essentially there as religious tourists, quite enthusiastic about finding physical evidence for Biblical passages. Irksome, but they were all quite amiable on the personal level, at least.

  2. Daba says:

    Hi Bri, Yes, almost every excavation in Israel would be dead on the runway without the help of evangelicals. They pay for the pleasure of hauling and sifting dirt for long hours in the burning sun. What employer could ask for a better deal? Archaeologists say blessings on them in their daily prayers. Even the atheists. But why should the Bible diggers ‘see’ Israel-Palestine, any more than they ‘see’ Burma? They’re in another world.

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