Ta Moan Thom, Touch, and of course, Preah Vihear – 8.8.08

In Uncategorized on August 8, 2008 at 8:06 pm

Sheesh. The back and forth reporting makes me wish I could parachute in (like most but not all western journos do with Cambodia) and see what was actually happening, maybe talk to a few people.

We hear that troops have been withdrawn from Prasat Ta Moan Thom, that they haven’t, they they are taking turns, and that nothing has changed.

What is really happening?

Meanwhile, the Cambodian military has started digging trenches near the Preah Vihear site, a sign that they are planning on settling in for a longer stretch than anyone really wants.

Also? This photo rocks. [Ganked from the PPP site]

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  1. […] spite of news reports that all military personnel on both sides had withdrawn from the devastated Ta Moan Thom temple….”they’re ba-ack!” Thai troops have […]

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