One More Funny SEASSI Video

Holy crap. You might have to know that SEASSI has a long-running and emotional volleyball tournament divided up by language teams (the Hmong usually kick everybody’s collective ass), and that the Khmer are one of the worst in the program, consistently. Also, for those who speak Khmer – check out Vishnu’s ‘antique’ pronunciation!


5 thoughts on “One More Funny SEASSI Video

  1. Actually, it was the Thai program that won this year! And it was almost a perfect turnaround from the situation the last time we had volleyball at SEASSI (2004); in that year the Khmer team lost only one game, and the Thai team won exactly none…!

  2. ហួស​ចិត្ត​និង​អស់​សំណើច! ជា​ពិសេស​មិន​ដែល​ដឹង​ថា​លោក​គ្រូ​ហ្រ្វេងខ៍​ក្លាយ​ជា​តួ​សម្តែង​ដល់​ម្លឹង​ផង!

  3. erikwdavis says:

    @Sophat: មិន​ដឹងទេ? ពិត​មែន​លោកគ្រូ​​ពូកែសម្តែង!

  4. Alison says:

    This is good, but in my (biased) opinion the 2006 version of Cambodian Idol really takes the cake. Unfortunately LK Frank doesn’t have a link up?

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