Imaginary Conversations With Mothers About Death

At the edge of the forest book coverI’m extremely happy to announce that my first non-review, English-language print publication is now permitted distribution via this website. The good people at Cornell Southeast Asia Program have granted me permission to distribute the final, typeset PDF of my personal contribution to this volume via this website.

I should note that they have taken this step in spite of being unconvinced that giving away content can also drive sales, and in our capitalist system, sales are what keeps publishers in business. Many academic publishers operate at a loss, or barely break even, so this is a risk for them, and I appreciate their willingness to experiment with emerging forms of distribution.

If you enjoy this contribution, I heartily recommend purchasing the text, which can be done here (Cornell), or here (Amazon). Trust me, my piece is not the best in the volume, and with contributors like May Ebihara, David Chandler, Anne Hansen, Alexander Hinton, Ashley Thompson, Sokhieng Au, Penny Edwards, and Judy Ledgerwood, every piece is worth reading. So please consider purchasing the text.

Davis, Erik W. 2008. “Imaginary conversations with mothers about death ” in At the edge of the forest. Essays on Cambodia, History, and Narrative in honor of David Chandler. Anne Ruth Hansen and Judy Ledgerwood, Eds. Ithaca (NY): Cornell Southeast Asia Program. pp. 221-248.


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