New Publication on Cambodia: At the Edge of the Forest

At the edge of the forest book cover
I’m thrilled to announce that a new book in the field of Cambodian studies has just been published by Cornell University’s Southeast Asian Program. That book is (from the Cornell Webpage):

At the Edge of the Forest. Essays on Cambodia, History, and Narrative in Honor of David Chandler.
Anne Ruth Hansen and Judy Ledgerwood, eds.

David P. ChandlerInspired by the groundbreaking work of David Chandler on Cambodian attempts to find order in the aftermath of turmoil, these essays explore Cambodian history using a rich variety of sources that cast light on Khmer perceptions of violence, wildness, and order, the “forest” and cultured space, and the fraught “edge” where they meet. Taken together, the essays offer a post-colonial analysis of Cambodia’s emergence from genocide that explores the relationship between narrative, history, and perplexing problems of meaning.

Anne Ruth Hansen is Associate Professor of History and Director of the Comparative Study of Religion Program at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. Her work focuses on the history and development of Theravada Buddhism in Southeast Asia and on Buddhist ethics.

Judy Ledgerwood is Associate Professor of Anthropology and Southeast Asian Studies and Chair of the Anthropology Department at Northern Illinois University. Her work has examined gender, migration and diasporic communities, politics, human rights, and more recently, religion in contemporary Cambodia.

Also exciting is the fact that the final essay in the book is by yours truly. The essay is titled “Imaginary conversations with mothers about death.” Sounds intriguing, no? I have yet to hear if I’m allowed to distribute the PDF via this webpage, but will put it up as soon as I hear positively. Until then, you are welcome to buy the book (I get no royalties, so it’s not that kind of plug).



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