"Buy a sex worker for Jesus."

So quips jinja, who sent me this article. These sorts of things crop up all the time – some religious group (usually Christian, usually protestant of a congregational bent) decides to ‘save Cambodia,’ and of course, decides to save it in the way that they themselves do best. This is like a physicist deciding that in order to save Cambodia, what is really needed is not stable government, enough food, or labor protections, but instead, a new semi-collider. In other words, it’s narcissism. It’s usually better for my mental and emotional health to ignore these.

But I’ll print this one, just because it’s so freaking offensive. (Not as offensive as the missionary emails I used to receive, which were frankly racist, but still – this is a newspaper).”

“We get girls from their parents, buy them from pimps, get them from brothels,” Doneson said. “We teach them life skills and we get them a job. We give them a new life and a new hope and everything.”

Doneson is currently working with several local organizations to raise money for the project.

She has hosted several fundraisers over the past month, including one Monday at Culver’s that she said had a very good turnout. Her final shot at raising money will be May 31 at Zamrazil Hair Studio, where a donation will get clients a free haircut.

“This is a fundraiser to help me get over there, and the rest will go to the girls,” she said.

Doneson plans to be in Cambodia from June 8 to June 23.

“The goal is to take a group of students over there to get a taste of what it’s like,” she said.

No word on whether or not “getting a taste of what it’s like” includes being sold to brutal pimps, or gang-raped by a group of high school boys.


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