Banning Cluster Bombs.

I normally don’t mention political campaigns on this blog – the panties for peace campaign was a notable exception, made compelling to me by a combination of high (and effective) theatre and regional relevance (Burma).

Banning Cluster Bombs ranks very high on regional relevance, and although I have little confidence that a ban unsupported by the major manufacturers of cluster bombs will have a widespread effect, it certainly can’t hurt, and can only help, it appears.

Please take a moment to sign a petition banning cluster bombs. The letter from Avaaz is printed below. Following that is a video from a victim of cluster bombing, telling his story and asking for your help.


Cluster munitions kill children and other civilians long after wars are over–and this week, we have a chance to ban them. 109 countries are in the final stages of negotiation on a cluster bomb ban — but some are trying to water down the treaty with loopholes, exceptions, and delays.

Our information is that the delegations obstructing a strong treaty in the last few days include the UK, France, Germany, Spain, South Africa, Canada, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Finland, Denmark, Japan, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden and Switzerland, so messages to these leaders will be particularly valuable.

A worldwide outcry for a strong treaty is needed now. The treaty will be signed Thursday–so add your voice by using the tool below to send a message to government leaders


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