Introducing the Zombie-Father

From KI-Media, another insane epistle from newly-christened “Zombie-Father” Sihanouk (thank goodness Cambodia’s lèse-majesté laws aren’t like those of Thailand, huh?)
I will never forget, even after my death, all the injustices and humiliations that others inflicted and (still) inflict on me
By N. Sihanouk
1- Each time that I go to the Silver Pagoda to salute Buddha and the Stupa and Statue of H.M. Preah Norodom (on his horse), I pray to my revered Ancestor (after he exhausted my prayers, between 1975 and 1978, to rid the Khmer People and country from the Pol Pot yoke and his Khmer Rouge) not to let me be reborn as human, but to condescend to accept me to be next to his august equestrian statue as a zombie* spirit. In this manner, I will not have any other homeland than Cambodia to which I will remain forever faithful to. And I will escape all these intolerable injustices and unsupportable humiliations that others inflicted from the 70s to 2008 and in the ensuing years. They will “hurt” N. Sihanouk even after his death. But, at least, they will not be able to see me, (or) touch me physically. And I hope that the zombie* spirit that I will be, will have the possibility to acquire a certain serenity.

(Signed) N. Sihanouk
May 2008
KI-Media note:
* អសុរកាយ: These are harmful spirits, invisible demons which the tradition call ghosts, demons, vampires, zombies. These spirits are supposed to appear sometimes to scare the human beings

The word in Khmer above, for those of you who can’t read the script, is Asurakaya, a word which means ‘horrible demon’ in Khmer, and which means ‘an embodied asura’ in Sanskrit. The Asuras were a class of divinities which waged eternal war with the devas in Sanskritland. Incidentally, the word Asura is cognate with Ahura, as in “Ahura Mazda,” the divinity of the Zoroastrian religion of Iran.

The idea that the god-king of Cambodia, the ‘deva-raja’, prays to his ancestors to be reborn as a demon (“zombie,” which doesn’t cut it really, but is a hilarious translation) is jarring, and very very amusing.

I think the word is narcissism.


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