Cambodia Daily Pulled From The Streets For "Burma Daily" Edition

More undoubtedly coming soon. Briefly,

The Cambodia Daily published an 8-page supplement called “The Burma Daily.” Critical of the Burmese government, the title and some of the content was a snarky slam on the Phnom Penh Post‘s recent switch to a daily news format, and especially the new owners’ involvement in Burmese business concerns. [the ‘official web site’ for the supplement is content-less, as is almost true of the Cambodia Daily site.]

That’s not particularly news. What is blogworthy about this is that as of this morning, the Ministry of Information seized the supplements, which are not to be distributed.


2 thoughts on “Cambodia Daily Pulled From The Streets For "Burma Daily" Edition

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  2. erikwdavis says:

    Other organizations have started joining the campaign to pressure Cambodia to lift their ban on the Daily’s special “Burma Daily.” This is essentially a press freedom issue (very little of the material in the issue was new, but prohibiting its distribution is a violation of free speech.)

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