Somaly Mam Wins World's Children's Prize

image ganked the prince of asturias website

In an award certain to spark lots of fevered discussion from all sides, Somaly Mam [1]of AFESIP has just been awarded the World’s Children’s Prize for the Rights of the Child. From the International Herald Tribune,

The Swedish prize committee said Somaly Mam was honored for her “dangerous struggle” to save girls sold to brothels in Cambodia. She was selected the winner in a vote by 6.6 million children worldwide.

Mam was herself sold as a sex slave when she was a child and in 2006 her 14-year-old daughter was kidnapped, raped and sold to a brothel, the citation said.

She is now the president of AFESIP, the French acronym for Acting for Women in Distressing Situations, which has helped build safe houses that provide refuge, food, health care and schooling for girls saved from slavery.


One thought on “Somaly Mam Wins World's Children's Prize

  1. That is great that she now become strong girl who was awarded price. Most the poor young children have been exploited and bought her virgin by the rich and the powerful. When they committed crime, and they are still at large. Law have been implemented on the poor and vulnerable groups. How to implement law in Cambodia?

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