International Day of Peasants' Struggle

I really respect via campesina and the Brazillian MST – they are amazing groups doing important, vital work. They are examples of bottom-up democracy and politics, and embody a mature radicalism.

I love the idea of an International Day of Peasants’ Struggle (IDPS), and am in complete solidarity with the idea of international, coordinated actions taken by peasants.

And I understand that they chose April 17 as the day for the IDPS to commemorate the 1996 murder by the military police of Brazil on peaceful landless peasant protesters – murdering 19. A few years back, all the police charged with the murder were acquitted.

But didn’t somebody remember that it was on April 17, 1975, that one of the Twentieth Century’s most peasant-identified revolutionary movements came to power in Cambodia, and made a bloody, bloody, bloody mess? Seems like an oversight


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