RIP, Dith Pran

Dith Pran died this morning of pancreatic cancer, which is usually diagnosed late, proceeds with intense rapidity, and is almost universally fatal.

Dith Pran is most famous for writing a book that was turned into a piece of dramatic historical fiction – The Killing Fields movie directed by Roland Jaffe. He was a newspaper photographer in Cambodia, and worked closely with Sydney Schanberg, after whom Pran named one of his children.

Dith Pran survived Democratic Kampuchea and ended his life as a photographer for the New York Times.

Rest In Peace, Lok Pran,


Here’s a video link from the NY Times reviewing Pran’s life, including some very late interviews from Pran’s deathbed. It resists embedding, but is worth checking out.

Here’s a video in which Pran discusses his illness.


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