Bullets in the Alms Bowl

Buddhist Chaplain Danny Fisher blogged this, (via via via)

This via Digital Dharma: the Human Rights Documentation unit of the National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma has released a report entitled Bullets in the Alms Bowl: An Analysis of the Brutal SPDC Suppression of the September 2007 Saffron Revolution. The executive summary states:

    This report is based upon the detailed testimonies of over 50 eyewitnesses to the demonstrations and the SPDC’s brutal response. Human Rights Documentation Unit (HRDU) researchers have interviewed monks, activists and civilians who were involved in the protests, many of whom have subsequently fled Burma out of fear for their safety, while a network of researchers working clandestinely inside Burma have interviewed a number of those who have gone into hiding but remained within the country. The information gathered from these interviews has been supplemented by reports from various independent organizations and credible news sources. Together, they provide insight into a campaign of brutality, the intended design of which was antithetical to the very foundations of international human rights and humanitarian law, and serve to contextualize the protests and their suppression within the general practice of SPDC governance.

You can download the entire report here


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