Excellent Al Jazeera Article on Cambodian Land Seizures

A week ago these families had homes. Tonight they shelter in tents. They lived on “contested” property. The local government threw them off and the army destroyed what was left.

Tents offer no protection from the elements

Sok Mom, an evicted resident, said: “I just want to go back to my home, or at least get some land to build a new home.”

Most of those evicted by the government, infants and their sick, crying mothers, spend their life under makeshift shelters.

Ros Saoita, another evicted resident, said: “They had guns. They burned down our house, took all our property… our rice, our clothes. We came here with nothing.”

These families have been living here for only a week but already conditions are squalid.

The smell in some parts of the camp is overpowering and given the current wet season, the families barely have any protection from the elements.

Shelter after shelter the stories are the same. No compensation, nowhere to go.

[Read More Here]


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