Grace Lee Boggs on Democracy Now, Today

Grace Lee Boggs, one of the most astonishing people in radical America, is interviewed on Democracy Now! today, along with Amiri Baraka and Larry Hamm, about the 40th anniversary of the Newark and Detroit uprisings in 1967.

In my personal world, Lee Boggs is important because of her creation, along with CLR James, of the Johnson-Forest Tendency, and especially in her work, again with CLR James but also with Cornelius Castoriadis (writing under the pseudonym of Pierre Chalieu, since he did not yet have French citizenship), on the seminal book (and political group) Facing Reality.

At the age of 92, she is as eloquent, sharp, and morally persuasive as ever. She exemplifies the importance and inspiration of inter-generational struggle, so that younger radicals need not reinvent the wheel every thirty years. Check it out.


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