Two Awesome Things. Or, Lucifer’s Garden

Just a quick note on two awesome things that made their way to me via the system of the Intertubes today.

First, Lucifer, the Light-Bearer, that classic Anarchist newspaper from my once-home state of Kansas, and which became an important rallying point for the anarchist movements which resulted in the 8 Hour Workday in Chicago, is partially online! Shawn P. Wilbur has placed some scans in PDF form on his weblog, and I urge each and every one of you to go download them all, read them, and archive them lovingly against the impending apocalypses (sorry, I’ve been trying to read Left Behind in my narcissistic attempt to understand the loonies)

Secondly, two awesome pieces from my favorite bloggers on things post and pre-industrial and agricultural. John Michael Greer, the Archdruid, has written a very thoughtful piece which tackles the shock and doom scenarios of many peak-oil enthusiasts who insist that (a) we’re going to see a massive human dieoff, and (b) this is unavoidable (or even a good thing); as if lowering the population (necessary) necessarily equates to mass murder or catastrophe (bad). At the same time, Jason Godesky over at Anthropik wrote another typically compelling and clear piece on the difference between horticulture and agriculture. Doesn’t sound interesting? Try reading it. Jason’s got a head on his shoulders, and he’s unashamed to use it. I like reading what comes out of it.

Oh yeah – the awesome.


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