Geoff Ryman’s Beautiful Short Story

Geoff Ryman, whose astonishingly beautiful novel The King’s Last Song brought Angkor-era Cambodia to life by imagining a secret message sent from Jayavarman VII to the present, wrote a wonderful short story last year called “Pol Pot’s Beautiful Daughter.” It has been nominated for a Hugo, which is a big deal for those who aren’t up on their sci-fi institutional notes.

He’s placed it online for free reading. I suggest you do just that. An illustration, done in the style of classic Khmer comic-book illustrations, was created, and posted to Jinja’s blog.

[The fact that The King’s Last Song is still not available in the United States is a travesty. Anyone have contacts in the publishing industry?] [Oh yes, the Khmer letters say “roueng pradit” – an imaginary story]

[UPDATE: The above post originally claimed that Ryman’s story had already been awarded a Hugo, which is incorrect, since the award has not yet been decided. The story has been nominated for a Hugo. It won’t receive the actual award until September, at which point it will most certainly win.]


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