So what about all the babies already in limbo?

In news only tangentially related to this page (death and the after), the Vatican has just determined that unbaptized babies go to heaven. This is a step up from St. Augustine (hell), and the church’s position on the topic ever since the middle ages (limbo). But it raises a concern: since the notion of limbo was created specifically to deal with the issue of the unbaptized baby dead, does this mean that (a) The vatican made a mistake and limbo never existed, (b) limbo suddenly stopped existing (in which case what happend to all the heathen infants already there, or (c) limbo stopped taking new deliveries (it’s full perhaps, or maybe they’ve cut off diplomatic relations and extradition treaties with heaven and earth)?

It’s a riddle.

Happy monday.

UPDATE: Found this wonderful cartoon by physics teacher Wellington Grey about the issue, with a lovely wikipedia punchline:


2 thoughts on “So what about all the babies already in limbo?

  1. kimcheemonster says:

    And what about the dogs and cats? I remember a nun telling a classroom of 1st graders that dogs and cats don’t go to heaven. Of course, everyone began crying as they realized that they would be with fluffy or sparking in heaven.

  2. Erik says:

    I don’t think that catholic dogs and cats have souls, and hence will experience no afterlife at all. At least there’s no doggy hell, huh?

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