Garment Factory Shocks

During the first trimester of 2007, 9 garment factories were closed due to lack of orders, end of contracts, and bankruptcy. In Khemara, director of the department of labor, told Rasmei Kampuchea on Wednesday that the closing of these garment factories affect 4,003 jobs, 3,587 of which involving women. Also, in the first trimester of 2007, 4 factories have suspended a number of jobs. This affects the jobs of 3,720 workers, 3,500 of whom are women. In the meantime, 3 new garment factories have been opened. They provided factory jobs to 419 workers. [link]

In case you’re wondering, yes, this is a problem.

Some Background:

Industrial Survival in Cambodia 

Garment Industries, Unions, and the State

There’s Too Much Killing In Cambodia

Some Chea Vichea News Updates 


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