Article on Bokor

There’s an article on Bokor in the Fortean Traveller. Lots of typical stuff about the ghosts of war, and of course no coverage of the New Year’s Eve parties with international DJs, enormous amounts of ecstasy, and the occasional shooting (2005). It’s a fine article, but I get a bit exhausted by the fact that Cambodia and its ruins seem only to serve as reflections of our own interests so much of the time. That is, the only things that are interesting to most folks about Cambodia are child prostitution and the war – either because they are intrigued by the concept of sex with children and America’s dirty wars (and less aware of the connections between the  two) or because they are obsessed with preventing the same. The concept that Cambodians might have still other concerns (without ever downplaying the importance of the problems of American invasions, DK, or child sexual slavery) seems never to occur to us.

Article here, courtesy of Disinformation.


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