Lots more on Mahaghosananda

I was so close to being able to pay my respects in person this last weekend, but it all fell apart (I was offered a second shot, but declined; I’m still ‘dead-bodied out’). Here’s a huge new selection of news regarding the late great Ven. Mahaghosananda:

Announcing Extra-Ordinary Services for Samdech Preah MahaGhosananda

Temple fetes life of founder

Revered Monk Remembered

Maha Ghosananda (1929-2007) [From Danny Fisher’s excellent Buddhist Chaplaincy Page]

And here, the latest in a transnational trend of repatriating important bodies (from Uncle Ho to Famous Eastern European Classical composers, it’s a trend. See Katherin Verdery’s The Political Life of Dead Bodies for more):

Cambodian Gov’t will bring Maha Ghosananda’s body back to Cambodia

The body of the “Cambodian Ghandi” could be transferred back to Cambodia

And the news keeps churning:

Fearless in devotion to peace

Buddhist leader’s body subject of global dispute


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