Popular Singer Shot, Injured

Pouv Panhapich has been shot by two men on the back of a motorcycle, repeatedly, at close range, in what appears to be an assassination attempt. She is a very popular singer. I don’t know personally or off-hand if she was affiliated with any political party or associated with any powerful men whose wives might have wanted her dead, but those are the first theories that always pop up in such situations. Depending on her recovery or death, the next few days could be business as usual, or contain some spontaneous protest.


One thought on “Popular Singer Shot, Injured

  1. Google directed me to an appallingly incompetent and inflammatory news headline:

    “Cambodian Pop Star Critically Wounded In Vietnam” !!!

    [*ahem* didn’t note the reference *ahem*]

    Make a great lesson on avoiding ambiguous sentences though.

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