Corruption Comics

It’s nearly impossible to even speak against corruption in any organized fashion in Cambodia. A very good friend of mine worked for PACT, which organized the most popular anti-corruption campaign I personally witnessed in my tmie in Cambodia. It named no names, but simply had a logo of a sauron-like white (clean) hand, and encouraged people to avoid corruption in their personal lives. Billboard space was denied, permits for promotional concerts revoked, and the offices harassed. But the sticker campaign showed up on every poor urban Cambodian’s motorcycle over the course of just a few months.

So, how do you publicize the problem of corruption in Cambodia in a way that helps people feel like they might be able to affect a solution, no matter how small? PACT has funded a new project along with support from USAID and Danida, which is the laudable and fun-to-read comic “Life’s Choices,” which incorporates schoolroom romance and corruption discussions in Khmer language. (( USAID is an organization which more normally specializes in causing problems in other countries, and otherwise focuses on the ‘no matter how small’ aspect of the solution))

And, you can read it online. Cheers!

And thanks to Jinja for the reference!


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