Thomas Friedman – Gorilla Feces

Having to put up with Thomas Friedman in the world is often an almost intolerable fact of existence for many, especially Americans with any independence of thought extending past what type of McDonald’s sandwich will next cross their lips. It’s difficult to read his garbage, and yet impossible to avoid, since so many of our co-nationals insist on buying the NYTimes hype that Friedman is somehow a progressive guru who just happens to promote the most damaging economic policies in humanity’s tenure on this planet (to that extent, his press is very similar to that given to the unmourned and I believe unrelated Milton Friedman). Even worse, he’s from the same part of the country as I am (the Twin Cities, in Minnesota), and has access to his wife’s unbelievable wealth (he married into the Bucksbaum family, one of the country’s wealthiest).

So it’s a relief to read cogent, funny, and clear critiques of the monster behind the mcBook, such as those published previously by Matt Taibbi of the New York Press. And now, Matt over at Pas au delà has quoted and linked to another of Taibbi’s justified and vicious attacks on this fatuous media moron. The quote, lifted from Matt’s post, is this:

Reading Friedman is fascinating–the same way that it’s fascinating to watch a zoo gorilla make mounds out of its own feces. The gorilla is a noble, intelligent animal that will demean itself in captivity. Friedman is a less noble animal of roughly the same intelligence, whose cage is the English language. [Also, apparently, the NY Times, and the practical jokers at that first cocktail party who decided he’d be a good thing there, etc – mc] It’s an amazing thing to behold (read more…)

Thank goodness.

UPDATE: A friend sent me this wonderful comic, which essentially sums up Tommy Friedman’s appeal.


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