Two articles in tabloid L’Express on the murder and funeral of Piseth Pilika

Piseth Pilika’s assassination spawned the largest street marches, and largest spontaneous protests, in recent Cambodian memory, only recently matched (or possibly, eclipsed) by the massive mourning street protest following Chea Vichea’s murder. People have spoken, since the very beginning, about a theory which lays the blame for the murder of Pilika at the feet of Bun Rany, the wife of PM Hun Sen, who was rumoured to have had an affair with Pilika.

In two articles in L’Express, translated into English here on KI Media, blame is laid explicitly, in print, at the feet of Bun Rany.

One wonders about the timing of these relevations, coming as they do during the middle of Heng Pov’s ongoing clandestine journeys and samizdat press releases about the crimes of the current regime, in which he was involved, but I myself am more interested in the details of the protests and funeral, which I was not witness to, unlike the Chea Vichea gatherings.

Link 1

Link 2 


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